Welcome to ET Landscaping! We offer professional landscaping and lawn maintenance services!

Welcome to ET Landscaping, we are here to service all of your Lawn, Landscaping and Lawn Service needs. Being in the industry for over 30 years there is no job that we cannot handle. We offer a full monthly lawn maintenance service contract. As well as the following services: LandscapingTree TrimmingTree RemovalSodFertilizingStump GrindingSprinkler Repair.

We offer lawn service and landscaping in the following South Florida areas:


Lawn Maintenance

We offer top quality lawn maintenance services with full monthly service contract.

Sod Grass Services

Do you want grass on your lawn fast and easy? We offer sod installation and maintenance.

Landscaping Services

Customize your landscape with our professional help. Create your landscaping dream!

Fertilizing Services

Having a nice looking lawn instead of a gloomy one depends on the ground fertility!

Tree Trimming Services

If your trees need a new "haircut", we are the people that will make that happen!

Stump Grinding Services

Stumps can ruin the look and feel of any lawn. With our help you will have those ground!

Tree Removal Services

Are there "naughty" trees that ruin your landscape or are getting in your way? Call us now!

Sprinkler Repair Services

Is your sprinkler acting out? Call us and we will teach it some manners fast and reliable!

Do you need a different service?

Don't worry if you don't see the service you need here. Just contact us with your project and needs and we will make a plan and give you an estimate!

What are Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance and their benefits?

ET Landscaping small waterfall lakeWhat is landscaping?

Landscaping can be defined as a process of adding different types of plants such as edible, native, ornamental or others and also the process of changing the shape of your lawn through mounding, backfilling, terracing, grading, etc.

It’s also the construction of different structures on your land such as decks, walls, fences, raised planters, patio covers, or other built features. In other words, landscaping can be considered as a task that combines art and science where it positively adds beauty and serenity to your beloved home.

ET Landscape GardenWhat are the benefits of landscaping?

There are many benefits that you can get in a good landscaping such as:

  • Add curb appeal on your home and increase its value when selling it.
  • Makes your home even more attractive to prospect home buyers.
  • Saves you money in terms of cooling and heating costs.
  • It helps decrease your daily stress level since it creates a beautiful environment for you and for your family.
  • It helps promote a healthier home by filtering pollutants and provide cleaner air.

ET Landscaping grass, lawnWhat is lawn maintenance?

Lawn maintenance is the prevention and controlling the spread of pests and various weeds on your lawn. Lawn maintenance promotes a healthier and greener grass, it help improves the current health and condition of your lawn while creating a unique treatment plan to get the most out of your lawn grass.

Lawn care and maintenance can be considered as a complex science where you may rely on trial and error until you find the proper way of caring and improving your lawn grass. To help you avoid ending up in frustration, avoid making DIY projects and seek help of a professional lawn maintenance services and let them do the job for you.

ET Landscape Garden, flowersWhat are the benefits of good lawn maintenance?

An ongoing lawn maintenance performed by professional lawn maintenance services can help your lawn withstand different kinds of threats like lawn diseases through the year. It helps survive unpredictable climate conditions and promotes lawn growth and repairs with the help of lawn aeration and fertilization.

Soil aeration and fertilization also help keep your lawn nutrient-rich which allows it to breathe and absorb moisture and nutrients to a much deeper level. A good lawn maintenance helps your lawn to fight against weeds and insects by applying proper weed and insect control treatment.

Landscaping offers huge benefits in different ways and with the help of the right lawn maintenance services you can achieve a healthier and beautiful lawn.

Why choose professional landscaping and lawn maintenance services?

Many homeowners tend to do a trial and error DIY projects when it comes to lawn maintenance and beautification and mostly end up in frustration; avoid this from happening by seeking help only from your trusted and experienced landscape and lawn maintenance service provider.

To help you understand more about the proper lawn maintenance, below are the benefits of choosing professional landscaping and lawn maintenance services:

  1. Expect their expertise.

Even if you have all your needs and time in focusing on your lawn and do a DIY beautification and maintenance, there’s no insurance that you won’t mess it up. Only the experienced professional lawn maintenance service has the comprehensive understanding of grass types, soil, and irrigation in keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful.

So quit making your own trial and error experiments. Professional lawn maintenance companies usually hire lawn workers who already have the experience and proper knowledge required in order to make your lawn beautiful. They know which kinds of fertilizers to use in order to enhance the health of your grass and garden.

  1. They help save you valuable time.

Maintaining and caring for your lawn requires you to offer a lot of your time and effort to be able to get the most out of your lawn. This includes fertilizing, regular mowing, weeding, insect control and watering. All these things are essentially needed in order to properly maintain the lawn's health.

Things like this are the most common reason why hiring a professional lawn maintenance company is advisable since they can free you from this kind of time commitment so you can spend your valuable time more with your family. You are allowed to enjoy the beautiful view of your garden and lawn without making any effort at all.

  1. Cost-saving.

Lawn care companies are subsidizing their overhead with the volume of projects they do. The bottom line here is, because you don’t have to care for hundreds of lawns, it is overly expensive and very inconvenient for you to purchase most of the professional grade supplies and equipment that are standard with lawn maintenance companies.

This company is able to procure equipment loans which they pay incrementally through their projects. So for you to equal their service, it is required from you to purchase the same equipment that they are using, on which you’d have to spend a fortune. Hiring professional lawn care maintenance can help you save money in the long run.

Hiring a lawn care company is indeed very important and the best option that you can do to get the most out of your lawn without any hassle.  For more info, just drop by at ET Landscaping today!

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