Learn Some Important Elements that are used by the Best Delray Beach Landscaping Team

Looking for the best landscaping team that can transform an old and boring lawn into a marvelous space? Well then, you’ve come to the right place because ET Landscaping can handle that job smoothly.

However, everything needs to take a time to be fully developed and that includes landscaping. Designing indoor and outdoor spaces need a step by step process before it can be finished. Just like what the best Delray Beach Landscaping team does with their job. So, instead of flipping through magazines and newspaper to look for a service provider, stick with us for a while and learn how landscaping processes do its magic.

Here are important elements used by the best Delray Beach Landscaping:

  • Starting up front. When it comes to landscaping, the first question the comes to the owner’s mind is always where to start. But, that should not be a problem since they should always look out of their front yard. Basically, because it is the first thing that everyone sees before they enter the house. Hence, it should be the first thing too that would impress them with its wow factor.
  • Hardscaping projects should be done first before all other plans. This can include the sidewalk, porch, parking areas, driveway, patios, fencing, and arbor. Hardscaping projects make use of constructions which might compact the soil or damage the plantings and turfs. So, its heavy works are usually done before starting to plant.
  • Toiling the soil. When starting the gardening process, adding some healthy organic matter to the soil is a must. It can be amended with mushroom compost, finely shredded pine bark, leaf mold or a peat moss. A fertile soil that is loose can easily allow roots to grow faster and for new plants to spread faster.
  • Planting close to the house. The foundation planting must embrace the house instead of covering it. To get an annual color, creating a small bed of flowers in the front yard is great to add charms instantly. Groundcover plants should be planted under low windows or porches while larger shrubs or small trees should be on the corner of the house.
  • Selecting the right plants. Plants that requires full seen should get five or more hours of sunlight exposure. However, some morning sun plants can tolerate the western sun so studying the landscape first is a must before planting. The spot where the sun rises then sets should be considered.
  • Textures and shape of plants. Fine textured plants with small leaves should be planted beside bold textured plants with large leaves. Meanwhile, upright linear plants should be places besides low-growing or round plants. Matching the shape, texture, and sizes of plants can create an excellent flower arrangement in the landscape.

Finally, the finishing touches can be made by placing baskets, containers, or window baskets to add some color. Landscaping can be a fun activity especially while planning it. So, what are you waiting for? Contact the best Delray Beach Lawn Service team now for more information. Make your curb appealing enough for people to stop by for a second and admire the view.

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