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Set your new roots at Deerfield Beach and get the best landscaping team in the area to do your lawn like ET Landscaping. If you don’t know anything about lawn maintenance and gardening, you can trust ET Landscaping to maintain and beautify your lawn for as long as you want in an affordable service fee.

More than gardening, landscaping refers to the process of planning and laying it out on your lawn. It includes the construction of a garden that can enhance the overall appearance of your space outdoors. It can also add value to your property.

When you hire a team for the landscaping job, you can ask for lawn services like lawn maintenance. You can have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to landscaping. You can have a lawn that balances the soft scape or plants and hard scape or patios. This would give you a landscape that promotes a natural habitat and a way to save water.

You can also get a landscape that recreates an appealing garden style that is either modern or tropical. If you want an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or a swimming pool to be part of your landscape, you just have to communicate it with your service provider.

Remember, lawn maintenance does not only mean mowing and raking your lawn to keep it healthy. Your lawn also needs herbicide and pesticide to prevent bugs, weeds, and diseases from destroying your lawn. Experts also know best about applying fertilizers so it is better call us and we will handle your lawn professional and affordable.

ET Landscaping covers Deerfield Beach and offers the following services there: Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping, Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Sod, Fertilizing, Stump Grinding, Sprinkler Repair and others.

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Where Deerfield Beach got its name?

According to the history, Deerfield got its name from a large number of deer that covered the area before. Afterward, its name became Deerfield Beach to convey to tourists that they also have a beach. Now, they are already known for their Blue Wave beach. Their Blue Wave beach was an award-winning title that was given by the Clean Beach Council. Deerfield Beach has passed all the excellent beach criteria that included the excellent water quality, safety services, beach conditions, habitat conservation and public information.

But that is not all; Deerfield Beach City’s Ocean Rescue Division that covers 1 mile stretch of beach is also certified by the US Lifesaving Association. Therefore, you will be 100% safe there are they have a total of 9 lifeguard towers with lifeguards on duty from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day. You can surf all you want on the south of the pier near the tower 7 and enjoy other beach activities.