Why Do You Need to Apply Fertilizers to Your Lawn?

What is fertilizing?

Fertilizing is the process of feeding plants with the right nutrients or vitamins they need. Aside from sunlight and water, fertilizer serves as a food for plants. In order to understand the importance of fertilizing plants, just compare it to what the food is for people.

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Without the right food, you won’t be able to grow strong and healthy. Therefore, you need to eat foods that contain the right amount of fats or oil, protein, and carbohydrates. Where has fertilizer come from? Before the fertilizing services that are used today were ever created, our ancestors have been using an organic way already to promote growth in their plants.

There are two kinds of fertilizers that can be used in fertilizing services. There are the organic fertilizers that are made or organic matter like animal manure. Then, there are the inorganic fertilizers that are made of chemicals and inorganic minerals. Fertilizing services can use natural compounds like mineral deposits and peat or compost that is made in a natural process. And then there’s the chemical process like Haber process.

In general, the fertilizing services provide 3 major nutrients that are needed by plants such as phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium. These 3 major nutrients are also known as NPK. There are also secondary nutrients that are absorbed by plants in the process such as magnesium, sulfur, and calcium. But it doesn't end there, trace elements or micro-nutrients are present too in fertilizers used in fertilizing services. These additional micronutrients to plants are chlorine, iron, born, copper, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc.

Even though nitrogen is present in earth’s atmosphere, not all plants have the capacity to adapt with the nitrogen fixation. So, most plants need to have a compound of nitrogen that can be put in the soil where they grow. Remember, it is a common mistake for people to think that the only things that plants need are fertilizer and water to grow healthy. It is like feeding your kids with instant noodles and other instant alternative foods that contain nothing but pure carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

A fertilizer should be a complete package that includes the major and secondary nutrients as well as the additional micronutrients. However, you also have to accept the fact that in spite of the available inorganic fertilizers that are widely used for plants, natural or organic fertilizers are still the best. Give your plants a natural diet to see them grow healthy and strong.

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