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Transform your yard into a more functional living space with landscaping services by ET Landscaping!

If you want to transform your lawn into a magical and majestic place, you need landscaping services. Landscaping will definitely turn your dull looking yard into a groomed yard with flowers, trees, shrubs and other interesting things.

In hiring landscaping company to do the tasks for you, you are not only hiring the manual labor but also the their working expertise of the plants and flowers. Landscaping has two types - residential work on lawns and private work for commercial business.

Residential landscaping mostly involves mowing the lawn, weed trimming, planting flowers, shrubs and trees, and trimming hedges and trees. Sometimes fertilizing the plants and ground are also included. In addition, lighting designs, patios, decks and walkways could be included in the landscaping package offered by ET Landscaping.

The excellent landscaping service offered by ET Landscaping can increase the value of a your property!

Economic benefits associated with getting landscaping services are:

  • property value enhancement
  • reduction of cooling cost due to proper placement of shade of trees and evergreens.

Environmental benefits accounted to using landscaping services are:

  • the control runoff and erosion
  • reduction of noise pollution up to 50%
  • creating of green space for resting and recreation purposes.

Therefore, choosing the right landscaping service provider is important. It is better to look for a provider who is willing to take challenges into solutions. A company providing a worry-free, dependable service commitment and always settle to excellence in bringing the landscape to life at clients’ properties. A company such as ET Landscaping!

Our landscaping services feature the following things:

  • architectural designs with services including landscape ideas
  • landscape setup
  • grading and drainage plans
  • irrigation and lighting designs
  • irrigation setup
  • soil erosion
  • subdivision layouts
  • landscape setup.

Join ET Landscaping today to achieve a vision of beautiful, enjoyable and practical outdoor living spaces under an affordable and realistic budget. This could be done by selecting the right plants, proper soil and creative applications with expert designs and customized landscape services.

ET Landscaping offers landscaping services in the following areas of South Florida: Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Parkland, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach.

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